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Friday, August 1, 2014

Let's Finish

I want to finish up two things today.  I am close to being done with butterfly wing #6 on the Summer Casket Keepsakes Butterfly.

Then I will have only two more to go.  I also think I can finish the girl side of the scissors case of the Toy Chest.  (I've been calling it the Toy Box but I realized that the real name is the Toy Chest.)
I am one thread off in the basket she is carrying but I haven't figured out exactly where.  I may have to fudge this area.  Her head already is one thread taller than diagrammed.  I didn't want to take out a bunch of cross stitch over one.  Also one foot is off but I'll go back and fix that.
I am halfway done reading The Silkworm.  I'd like to read another chapter today.  This tends to get me off track as I usually have to read "just a couple more pages" and then all of a sudden it is dinner time.

These are the two kits I got yesterday.  The photos don't do them justice, they are way prettier than you might think.   One goes with Along the River James.  It is the cover of a small journal.

One goes with Mistress L's Band Sampler.  It is a tiny pin cushion.  It is darling in person.

I would love to start these but I am not letting myself as I have too many things going already!

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