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Monday, August 4, 2014


I spent yesterday finishing stuff off.  I got the scissors case to the Toy Chest all done.

Now I have four sides to finish on the actual chest.  I think I'll start with one of the sides.
Here are all the toys from the original kit:

Next I worked on the finishing of the pumpkin.  He turned out fine.  I still need a chain to hang him on.  I confess that I didn't read the finishing directions and just went with my gut.  I interfaced the piece and put in a piece of skirtex behind it.  I should read the directions to see how far off I am.

Then I laced the initial pendant on a small piece of skirtex and double-stick taped it into the holder.  I'm thinking of a ribbon as  the necklace part.

I got a start on the last butterfly wing and hope to get a lot done on it today.

I made a couple of waxers and didn't even start a fire.
It was raining when I got up so I had to go to the Y for my walking.  The bathrooms are clean.  Yeah!  It is time for lunch.


  1. Love all of the toys you have made for the toy chest. Can't wait to see the chest completed. Have you ever been to Attic Needlework for a class? Wish I were going to Salty Yarns with you.


  2. Your finished pieces are just gorgeous! It is so inspiring to watch your progress on the smalls - you are really productive!

  3. Great progress on the Toy Chest.
    The necklaces turned out nice too.
    Love the pumpkin one.

  4. Your finishes are inspiring. What fun you must be having.

  5. What a incredible, beautiful set of treasures you have for the Toy Box!
    Love every one of them. LOVE your Boo pocket watch pendant - ooooh how I have been wanting to order that chart. I have the empty pocket watch waiting - lol. love Annette