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Monday, August 18, 2014


This is how far I am on my beetle.  First, the wings are stitched and lined and sewn together.

Second, I am almost done with the thorax.

This is hard for me to stitch because I am scared of really messing this up and it is the dreaded buttonhole stitch.  I only have one more round to go so I should just try it already.

Third, I have started the couching of the legs.  If they are like the butterfly legs and have hedebo stitching all over them, this will be no problem.

I have to do the finger woven cord drawstring.  I can do that, it will just take some time to make.
The face doesn't look like a problem either.  It would be nice to pull all these pieces together.  I want to finish the beetle this week.

I finished up "Chillin'" by Drawn Thread.

 I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to put this together.  I made some mistakes.  But I think there is a mistake in the directions too.  I played with it, trying out several different ways of putting it together.  It looks like the model now but it was very frustrating when I was following the directions and things were not working out.  It is a bit wrinkly.  I need to iron it again.  I regret not putting some interfacing in it.  I still have not figured out where the beads go.  But there you are, it is done.
The bathrooms are clean and I'm off to stitch.


  1. Can't wait to see the Beetle all done, greta progress.
    Chillin' is cool. :)

  2. Love the way you finished Chillin! What a beautiful pocket holder!
    love Annette