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Saturday, August 30, 2014

White Horse

The Toy Chest back is done.  Yeah!

 Now on to the white horse side.  I got some of the structure done.

 I probably can't get it all done today but I can make good progress on it.

I have a peach pie to make today to celebrate DH's birthday.  I got some peaches at the Farmer's Market.  Let's hope it turns out.

There is something I want to make.  I saw it on this blog:
It is a woven fabric bowl/box.
She tells how to do it.  You need interfacing and Heat and Bond stuff and a bunch of those pre-cut 2 1/2 inch fabric strips.  It looks easy.  So I got some of the interfacing recommended (Decor Bond) and some Heat and Bond at the fabric store.  Our Joann Store is being remodeled and it is a mess inside.  Add Saturday traffic to that, kind of a pain.  I hope to be at quilts shop next week so I'll look for fabric there.  Of course I have plenty of fabric hidden in my sewing room closet.  You can also do this box with an old map or even newspaper.
I just love to make stuff.


  1. Happy Birthday to your DH! Wow you are moving right along getting the box done. Beautiful progress! Funny you are looking for mini charm packs, I just got some in the mail today that I ordered from EBay! love Annette

  2. So pretty.
    That bowl is really cute.
    Thanks for sharing the link.