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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I finished stitching the top of the Toy Chest.  Yeah!  Now on to the back.  I;m leaving the side for last as it will be easier and quicker than the back.  I'm still waiting for some momentum on this.  Slowly and surely, it is getting done.

I am working on the snowmouse of Lindy Mouse's house.  Say that fast three times.  I'd like to make some progress on the winter side today.

But we are getting ready to have windows installed tomorrow so I have to get things moved around and ready.

I have to sort out what I'm taking to Salty Yarns.  I think I'll take the Betsy Morgan Paint Box to work on.

  I've got my Alaska Stand cup so I can get inexpensive refills.
I've been dreaming of a Fractured Prune donut.  Mmmmmmm


  1. Hi Amy! What's happening at Salty Yarns? Have a great time there and say Hi to Sara and Sally!

  2. Great progress on both.
    The paint box looks so cool.