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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pencils and Scissors

I confess that I am very suggestible.  You tout a product and I want it.  You buy one and I want one too.  Two of the blogs that I read have talked about things they like.  One talked about Palamino Blackwing pencils.  I do crosswords with a pen because it doesn't tear the paper and it writes darker than a regular pencil.  Trust me, it's not because I'm smart.  But these pencils are supposed to write easier and darker.   I looked for some at local stores and didn't find any.  So I ordered some through Amazon (they have everything).  I haven't got them yet but I'll let you know if I like them.

Then Mary Corbet had a link to two videos of how scissors are made in Sheffield, England.  Needleprint had one of the videos on it too.  I watched them and wanted a pair of scissors hand made from Sheffield.  I told DH that I ordered some scissors from England and he went on about how I have too many scissors already.  So I didn't mention that I ordered more than one pair.  When I was a mere child sewing doll clothes on my mother's sewing machine, her favorite (and sharpest) scissors were some buttonhole scissors.  So I ordered a pair of Ernest Wright & Sons buttonhole scissors.  I don't like inexpensive stork scissors in general.  They seem to be an imitation of fancier scissors and aren't very sharp.  But the scissors this man was making in one of the videos looked like they were of a much higher quality and were sharp.  So, you guessed it, I ordered some of those.

I finished the last of the butterfly wings yesterday.  Today I am ready to do the couching of vintage silver thread.  Although I have to find it first.
I put a few more stitches into the little Just Nan mouse.  Cute!

Then I am working toward getting to the halfway point on the half doll.
Blogger is constipated today.


  1. I saw those scissor videos also and went right to the Wright website to take a look myself. :-) I was attracted to the applique and the stocks scissors.

  2. The Mouse and 1/2 Doll are so pretty.

  3. Oooh dear! Now I have to see all what you watched about the scissors. They sound lovely. The mouse is so pretty. I love its colors. Your progress on half doll is so beautiful. love Annette