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Sunday, August 31, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

I didn't stitch yesterday.  I ironed.  I happened to get a jelly roll I ordered in the mail.  It was from an online fabric shop called Shabby Fabrics.  It is the Paris Flea Market jelly roll.  So I decided to make the fabric basket I had seen on line.  It went pretty well. 

 It isn't quite finished.  In another life (years ago) I learned to make baskets.  So I sort of know how this goes together.  With a regular basket you would fold over and  tuck the weaver into the weave and cut the other one it is folded over, off.  This basket directions say to fold over the weaver and fabric glue it all around.  I have to goof around with it a bit and see what I want to do.  The real test of a good basket is how tightly it is woven.  So I want to adjust it so it is nice and tight.  I'm pretty happy with it.  Do I need to embellish it any?  I don't think so.  It cool like it is.  Those clips are very handy.  
I better get back to the last side of the Toy Chest today.  It was nice to have a break.  Now back to work!


  1. Wow looks amazing! Embellishments? A small charm maybe, but I would think anything heavy could make it tip. Love the weaving, looks do pretty. love Annette

  2. That turned out so cute.