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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

It is really humid today.  I'm glad I do my walking early in the morning when it is cooler.  Now I can vegetate since my Saturday stuff is done (Farmer's Market, bills paid).

I finished the dark horse side of the Toy Chest.  I'd like to start the top but it is probably more prudent to start the other side or back.  We'll have to see what I choose.

I only got a few stitches into Lindy Mouse's house.  I realized that I forgot to stitch the crow in the tree on the autumn side.  I'll have to go back and do that.  I think there is a bird on each side of the house.

I'm hoping to get Just Nan's Witchy in the mail. (Like I need another kit!)
The goal for this next week is to get the Toy Chest done, done, done.

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  1. Your dark horse is beautiful. All your progress on Lindy house and the box pieces are incredible. love Annette