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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Mouse and a Wing

I am so tickled!  I finished my little Lindy Mouse.

 I love the button on the bottom.

 I love the key.

The tail is easy to arrange.

 I love the colors and the white linen color.

So cute!  Now I want to make her house.  I started the roof as I really like the design on roof.

I worked really hard to get this whole wing done.

 I was trying to show how it sparkles in the light.  Of course there are bits yet to do like the circle things but that comes later.  I have three more of the outside wings to put silver threads on.  This is just going to be spectacular when it is done.

Annette got her half doll done!  I want to get mine done too!  I guess the most I could ask for today is to get to the halfway point on the skirt.  So that's what I will aim for.

I am within 20 Ipad pages of finishing The Silkworm.  I would have finished it yesterday but it was too exciting and I was afraid I would have nightmares!


  1. Wow I love your mouse.
    He is one kind you don't need to bee afraid off.
    I finish first other work and than I begin to my half doll.

  2. Your mouse is CUTE!!! I love it! You will get your doll done too. Hope you were able to reach your goal on the skirt:) The butterfly wing keeps looking more beautiful - WOW! love Annette

  3. Mousie is sooooooooooo cute.
    Great progress on the Butterfly too.