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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Laundry Basket of Shame

Barbara asked me what the Laundry Basket of Shame is.  She thinks she might have one.

 Every once in a while someone comes to visit or we have new windows put in.  That means I have to clean up the floor in my sewing room.  It is a Herculean task.  I guess I just need more storage.  I'd rather think that than acknowledge that I am a slob or a hoarder.  My cabinets are full of stuff I want to do someday.  When my sons moved away, I ended up with extra laundry baskets.  They didn't want to take them with.  So I used one (or two or three) to stick stuff in.

Works in progress, unfinished projects,  half finished projects that I meant to get back to soon, threads, patterns that I made one of the things and want to make the rest, more threads, projects that need finishing but I haven't decided how to finish yet, that new kit that came in the mail.  My problem is that the laundry basket is full and over flowing.

My Laundry Basket of Shame is under my table by my happy chair.  Beside it is another laundry basket where I stick linen.  It is full also.  Up in the closet I have a plastic bin where I keep my DMC threads.
  The bin is full.  DH laughs when I say I need some thread.  I do have a problem with throwing things away.  Especially stitchy things, I might need them someday.  Even DMC floss that has lost its label.  I have a bag full of stash that I bought this year on my trips.  Yes, I want to make everything I bought but there is no place to put it.  It is a full and overflowing bag.  I fully intend on getting more stash when I go to Salty Yarns (next week!).  What to do with all my stuff?  I don't know.

I actually love being surrounded by all my stuff.  The mess doesn't really bother me except when I can't find something or there is no place to walk.

P.S. Don't tell anybody how messy I am.


  1. Oh yes, I do have one. Only mine is a whole closet with an adjoining bathroom. I have more projects than I can possibly complete in my lifetime, yet I, too, want more. I didn't know it was supposed to be any other way, Have fun at Salty Yarns.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Hee-Hee!
    Sounds familiar. :)

  3. Doesn't everyone have this problem. I have 2 closets involved and the cabinets in my stitching room which has no more room inside. I'm now just filling bags and adding those to the mess. I love to go through them's like Christmas since I can't remember anything including what's in the bags. See you next week...don't forget your show and tell. We're excited.

  4. I stash my stash underneath all of the skirted upholstered chairs and couches in our home. I do this to protect my DH from any potential inexplicable explanation that would be lengthy and unsatisfactory to him (yes, I know I was either repetitiously redundant or paradoxically ironic in the preceding sentence). Anyway... this prophylactic activity has been largely successful throughout our 27 year marriage with the exception of a few occasions when DH unexpectedly attempted to retrieve a stuffed toy mouse belonging to one of our cats, or spontaneously decided to have the rugs cleaned without giving me adequate prior notice. -BFF