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Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Boy and A Girl

I finished stitching the Amish boy yesterday.  Now I am ready to put them together.  I think they are cute.

I finished the seventh butterfly wing and (just barely) started the eighth and last one.  WooHoo!  I'll look up and see what comes next.  I think it is the zigzag trim.

I was very excited to read that Stasi got her Just Nan Limited Edition Lindy House kit.  That means mine could be on it's way!!!  Hopefully I'll get it this week.  Although, I got so many kits last week, I'm embarrassed.
Then I saw that another person is stitching the half doll, Willow Tree Stitcher.  She is as bad as I am as she has about four (or five?) of these dolls to stitch.

 I decided that I should show my half doll progress every Sunday until she is done.  That will make me want to get more done so I have something to show for the week.

It is the first Sunday in August.  In a month I go to Salty Yarns.  It is great to have things to look forward to.


  1. Oh Amy! Your Amish girl and boy are darling. Stunning progress on your butterfly. Great plan you have for sharing your update on half doll project every Sunday. love Annette

  2. That was me, Amy! At Willow Tree Pond and yes, I have 5 dolls to stitch. What I didn't mention on that post was that I have one pincushion doll already stitched and sitting in my to-be-finished box. (It's not a GPA doll)