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Friday, August 15, 2014


I had two comments asking about the navy beans I put in the half doll.  (You guys are listed as "No Reply")  I went looking on the internet for any information about problems with navy beans.  I didn't find any problems with mold or bugs.  I know from experience that navy bean keep forever.  But you can't get them wet.  So this half doll is not going swimming any time soon.  Anyway, I just wanted to show how I finished her.  You can do it however you want.  I did see that Lisa used some polybeads for weight in the drum pin cushion she just finished so there are other things you can use if you want.
Betty wanted to know the substitutes I used for my colors. I wrote her before I realized she was "no reply".
 I don't know what my linen was as I searched through my linen looking for one that was a 32 count.  I changed the Pacific blue to Gloriana robin's egg, carmine rose was changed to Gloriana Antique Pink, Old gold was changed to Gloriana Baby corn.  Otherwise I used the recommended colors.

I got good mail this week.  I got the Palomino Blackwing pencils and a special sharpener.

I really like the pencils.  They work great.  The erasers actually work and they are refillable.  The sharpener is great too.  One side is for sharpening the wood of the pencil, the other side sharpens the lead.

 There are some other sharpening holes on the end but they are too small for the pencil.  Maybe it fits smaller leads.
Anyway, they get my seal of approval.

The Needleprint lady is selling her books and I bought two of them.  The miracle of this is that I bought them late night on the weekend.  She mailed them to me on Monday from ENGLAND.  I got them Wednesday.  How is that possible?  So soon?  Wow!  It was fun to look through them.  They will be a great reference and they have many alphabets in them.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. I 've bought thise two books years ago ....surely they are a good reference for all those antique alpahbets (Sajou, Alexander, etc.) and you will treasure them. Sometime I like just to brwse them.