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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another Rainy Day

It is another rainy day but I was able to get in my walking done before the storms that are supposed to be here this afternoon.
Linda asked me what a waxer is so I got out my little basket of cute waxers so show.

 It is my understanding that waxing your thread (running your thread over some beeswax) makes it easier to work with in that the thread doesn't knot or tangle as much and goes through the linen easier.
But whatever, here is my collection of shaped waxers:
Some were from classes and some I bought.
I didn't finish my last butterfly wing yesterday but I'm sure I can get it done today.

I looked to see what comes next.  It is the couching of the vintage silver thread between the colors on the wings.  Those wings are going to look so sparkly and cool.

Good mail yesterday!  I got the Limited Edition Just Nan Lindy House.

 I got the complete kit with the fabric, floss and the whole nine yards.  I knew I would cave and just have to stitch this.  The little mouse is tiny so I put in a few stitches.
 I couldn't help it - it is too cute.

I have less than 200 Ipad pages to finish "The Silkworm".
Dear Barbara, you are listed as "no reply".  To answer your question, yes, I have been to The Attic.  It was last November to take four Jackie DuPlessis classes.  My BFF and I are going back again this November.  I am just too lucky!

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  1. Very pretty waxers collection. I have 2 but I have not used them because honestly..I didn't know how to use them. Lindy house kit looks cute is that tiny mouse:)) love Annette