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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Working Hard

I worked hard yesterday.  I got on a roll with the butterfly and didn't quit.
I got all the four outer wings couched with silver thread and wavy metal stuff.  Then I kept going.  I embellished the circles.  I still have one wing that needs it's circles finished.

I buttonhole stitched the four felt pieces to their wings.  I was trying to get to the point where the wings are joined together.

The wings are very labor intensive.  This butterfly will be impressive when he (she?) is done.

There is another Just Nan mouse coming out on Aug. 18th.  It is a witch mouse.  Normally I don't like Halloween stuff, but this witch is very cute.  I pre-ordered her.

SJB asked me about "shirtex",(it's skirtex, not shirtex)  It is a drapery interfacing that is used a lot in constructing needlework things.  I first heard of it when I took classes at Celebrations.  It is not that easy to find.  Stores in my area don't have it.  But I have ordered it online.  Sometimes you can buy sheets of it.  It is very handy, lightweight,  easy to work with and cuttable with scissors.  It can be used instead of mat board or cardboard.  This is what it look like:
 It has some thickness to it.
It's a great day today!
I want to remember these lovely days of summer when it is the worst of winter.


  1. Amy at Joann's you can get a similar product called timtex, is in the section with the linings/interfacing etc

  2. Wow you did more beautiful work on those wings. I had just seen the a preview of that darling witch mouse and thought of you:) love Annette

  3. That's going to be one gorgeous piece of work.
    That Mouse is too darn cute.