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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Leg to Stand On

Don't you think it is time I finished that butterfly?
I worked on the butterfly's body and got that all done.  Then I joined the body to the wings.  I wasn't sure of the tension between the wings and ended up cutting them apart again and redoing it.

  Then all that was left was the legs.  The legs are made with cotton covered wire that is bent and a hedebo stitch is done over the wires.  There are three sets of legs.  After the legs are made all you have to do is to tack them to the body.  I have two sets done and only one set of legs to go.  This butterfly is soooo close to being done.

Don't you love it???  Amy Mitten, you rock!


  1. Yes, I love it!!!! You have done a fabulous job!

  2. As you said, that is one of the neatest needlework projects I've ever seen. Very cool.

  3. Amy how much work has gone into that butterfly but what a little treasure you
    Now have! Great job!

  4. YOU rock, too! Thats the most beautiful butterfly!!!!!!!
    You did the most amazing job!!!!!