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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Half and Half

Yeah!  I got to the halfway point on the skirt of the half doll.

 It felt good to do some actual cross stitching and to make some progress on the half doll.    Today I hope to finish up the second (of three) chart pages for the doll.
I finished up the embellishments on the butterfly wings and cut them out.

 My dilemma:  Skip from lesson 5 to lesson 13 on the Summer Casket Keepsakes so that I could stitch the wings together or be a good little girl and do lesson 6.  Well, today I decided to go the good little girl route.  I started lesson 6 which is the beetle wings.

I wonder if you can buy this wavy metal?

It is cool stuff.  I like the sparkle.  This time I'm using gold wavy trim.  One wing is done and I want to finish the other wing today.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Congrats on your beautiful progress on the skirt for half doll! Cool wave metal! Wow after all the intense process on butterfly your on step 6 of 12? Going to be a masterpiece when your done. love Annette

  2. I would definitely jump ahead to the lesson on assembling the Butterfly :-)