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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mining Expedition

I worked so hard yesterday on the half doll.  I finished the stitching at 11 last night.  She's done!

Now for the finishing.  I have many cuts of dupioni silk.  Shelley and I went to Delectable Mountain Fabrics a couple years ago and got a treasure trove of silks.  Then BFF and I have gone to this one fabric outlet store near Minneapolis that has an amazing selection of silks.  A few years ago I also went to a great fabric store near Union Square in San Francisco, Britex.  So now that I need some silk dupioni, I had to go find my bags of stuff, a mining expedition, in my sewing room closet.  I found some really pretty cuts of silk and some cuts I didn't even remember that I have.

So many choices, how do I decide?  I especially like the silks with designs in them.

I cut a piece to line the stitching.  You won't see it so it doesn't matter about the color.  I like how the purple brings out the purple in the stitching but it doesn't go well with the doll coloring.  Now, I really like the thin blue stripe.  We'll see. . .

I'll show you how everything turns out tomorrow.


  1. She's beautiful--whatever fabric you choose it will be lovely

  2. Congrats on finishing the skirt! Your long hours of stitching paid off - Looks beautiful. I had almost come close to using a cotton instead of silk for the lining of the skirt. BUT then I thought about it and decided the designer knew that using the silk was light weight and would be thin enough for gathering. Plus silk is so pretty - even though we won't see it:) love Annette

  3. Congrats on your finish!