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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you!
Easter is so different now that my kids are grown.  No hiding of eggs.  No filling of baskets,  No new church clothes.  So to celebrate I had a chocolate marshmallow egg.  It's a good thing that those Brach's marshmallow rabbits are so expensive, I could eat hundreds of them but I'm too cheap to buy them anymore.  If they have any leftovers at Joann's at half price, I might be tempted.

I have almost half of the background done on the Mary Beale Album cover.  As I work on it, I am thinking of how to finish it.  What fabric should I use?  Moire, ultrasuede, silk dupoini? Can I find an album to fit it or will I have to make the pages?

I started the little baby shoe.  It is going well.  I wanted to change the colors but I decided to trust Mary and just stitch it as charted.  I think I can finish this today.  Cute.

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  1. I love Mary Beale patterns and their vintage look.
    Could you tell me please if the series you've bought is that one published in 1999?
    Thank you.