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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to the Future

I finished the Spring Fling Friday night project.  I'm all set for Spring Fling.

I probably shouldn't have cut out the big piece but it's too late now.

I ironed some interfacing on the back, I probably shouldn't have done that either.
I like how it turned out.  I went back and added a little heart to each side of the scissors fob just to be ornery.

So now that Painted Lady and Rhapsody in Blue and Spring Fling is done, what do I work on?  I have many things that have been dropped along the way that I should go back and finish.  I see on the floor of my sewing room the pinball kit I bought off of ebay.  I've got a good start, I just have to locate the chart.  Then there is that cute little purse from With Thy Needle and Thread (Country Stitches).  Actually I am working on two of them.  Of course the other class I am taking needs some attention, the Vintage Strawberry class.

I ordered a chart from France.

It came via email.  Instant satisfaction.  I love it.  So I want to start that.

 I'm hoping my new lamp comes today.  DH has volunteered to put it together.  Thank goodness for DH.


  1. Hi Amy, looking forward to seeing you at Spring Fling. Please tell me where you found the French chart...I love it.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I like this chart a lot and it is on my wishlist as well - the delicacy of that slipper and needleroll ...

    I just love the projects you make (especially the Cabinet of Curiosities) and that's why I've accorded you the Liebster Blog Award :-) ... more info is on my blog.

    Kind greetings,

  3. Amy the chart from France is precious. What is the link to order from? The light is great!