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Monday, March 18, 2013


I didn't post yesterday as I wasn't feeling well.  I even went back to bed for a couple of hours.  But then I felt better.  I wasn't hungry all day so I know I was sick.

I finished the other side of the Shoe.  It is ready to be put together.

I wanted to start the actual shoe part.  So I started working on the outline.  Oh my goodness!  I assumed by looking at the photo that it was a cute little mini shoe.  No.  I think it will be big enough for me to wear.  It's huge!  Well, compared to what I was expecting, it's huge.  

I am confused by the pattern because there seems to be two patterns for the shoe. They are slightly different from each other.  I am using the one shown in the finishing photos.  Since I don't know French, I have no explanation.  Whatever.

I put in a few more flowers on the Merry Cox Box.  Five to go.  I hope this looks cute when it is done.  It is filled with mistakes.  Luckily they aren't noticeable.  (Are they?!)

We get the first finishing instructions today for the Rhapsody in Blue class.  Yeah!  It will be fun to work on that again and see it take shape.

I'm taking pizza to Dylan today.  Hopefully he will be happy with that.  I started reading Harry Potter to him last week.  One more week until his spring break.

The bathrooms are clean  and I even have new rugs for them.

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