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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank You Mr. Mailman Again

I got mail yesterday.  It was the set of Mary Beale charts that I won on ebay.

 I didn't know what to expect. But I love them.  They are just the style I was looking for.  There are many charts that I'd like to try.  (Like I need to start something new!)  There are 15 little leaflets.

 The only drawback is that there are no color photos of the projects.  There is one photo on the front that has a few of the projects shown.  Otherwise you have to imagine what they might look like and how big they might be.  The first one I want to do is a baby slipper.  So cute!

I think that all my experiences up to this point in my life have prepared me for things I want to do.  Taking the Vintage Strawberry class helped me feel a little more confident working in embroidery.  Working the Trevelyon purse thing taught me some things too.  The Thistle Thead kits made me do things I haven't tried before.  So I started one of the French Needle kits.  I knew I could do some stem stitch so I started with that.  Hey, that went fine, so I continued.  Now I am on flower #3.  Wow.  And it looks good.  The title of this kit is A Thousand Flowers. Luckily there aren't that many.  I like the texture to this and I think a variation of it would be great on the flat casket.  What I should do is doodle with a pen and see what I come up with.  I'd like to enlarge this design, cut out the individual flowers and play around with it to see what it looks like.

I got all of the framework background done on the Mary Beale Album cover.  Now I am filling in the squares.

I looked up where my Mermaid kit is.  San Francisco.  Well, maybe it will come next week before I go to Spring Fling.
I was so good that after Pilates, I walked a mile on the walking track at the Y.  I intend to be very bad when it comes to the buffet at Spring Fling.


  1. Your progress on the embroidery flowers looks great! Very delicate stitching. :-)

  2. Oh, so lovely stitching progress on the french design and the Mary Beale! You are so very talented and have so many great ideas and projects:)
    It is very inspiring to see the Pocketbook Needlework charts.
    I will for sure buy that one too.
    Have a lovely Sunday and many hugs from
    Anette & Skruttan