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Monday, March 25, 2013

Something New

This is what I was looking through my stash for yesterday.

 It is a Mary Beale chart that I bought on ebay a while back.  I got the bug to try it out after bidding on another Mary Beale  design on ebay.  I haven't really done any of her things so I should see if I like her designs before I buy more.  Logical.  So I looked up the threads needed.  I misread the chart and the main color of the cross hatching.  I was looking for the wrong color which was an ugly green.  I changed it to a more golden color.  Then I discovered that the actual color called for was a deep gold.  Crazy.  Oh well, I started it.  It was fun to work on something completely different.  I imagine it as a cover for a photo album.

I found a free design from Pelin Tezer for a rose that I think would be pretty on a slipper.

I wanted to work a Berlin style slipper but couldn't find the pattern that I wanted.  I want to turn one of these roses around and do half the circle on the toe of a slipper.

I am waiting for the Mermaid Treasures class that starts today.  I don't have my kit so I can't do anything  anyway.    I am also waiting for the second finishing lesson for Rhapsody in Blue.  I can't really do anything until I get back from seeing Dylan.  He very much enjoyed doing some needlepoint on plastic canvas last week and wanted to do some more.  I'm going to make a trip to Hobby Lobby after I see Dylan.  I'll try to behave myself.

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