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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lots of Hand Sewing

I worked on the finishing of the Rhapsody in Blue bag all day.  I didn't get finished.  Partly because I made mistakes, partly because I didn't understand the directions correctly.  I am very happy to say the lid is done.

 It has four layers.  I had it half put together when I decided I didn't like my cording, it was too thick and didn't look like the photo.  So I tried making the cording two more times using different amounts of thread to see if I could get a cording I could live with.  Then I realized after I had the whole top of the lid sewn together that I forgot to put in the magnets!  So back to square one.

Now I am working on the bag part.  I have it all attached to the hoop.

 I just need to do the bottom of the bag.

 There is a niggling question in my head about when I put in the other magnets.  I'll have to read the directions again to see if I can find that.

The designer talked about using Kevlar scissors to cut the mat board.  I'll have to look those up.  I love having all the right tools and I've never heard of those before.

The sun is shining now on the first day of spring.  And the snow has stopped - although we are supposed to get another few inches.
I saw a sweet design on someone's blog and in a weak moment ordered the chart.

  It will come via email.  It is a spring design.  Fun!

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