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Friday, March 29, 2013

Thank You Mr. Mailman

Mr. Mailman brought me something yesterday.  It was the order from the French Needle.  I got two kits.  I would have ordered more but they were out of the other kits that I wanted.  The kits are very interesting.  They are printed on what looks like a high quality linen.  One is smaller than I expected.  I haven't started them yet.  Embroidery intimidates me.  I have to start with something very easy, like stems.  I got the thread for each of the kits.  This isn't all the thread required.  Some DMC is called for too.  I've never used House of Embroidery thread.

Now I have to decide whether I should put the linen in a hoop or on a needlework frame to stitch.  A hoop would be my preferred method so that I can hold it in my hand.  A frame is a little more awkward to use.  I scanned the design so that I can trace it onto the linen for my flat casket and enlarge and change it if needed.

I got the medallion done on the Mary Beale photo album cover.  Now I have to stitch all of the background.  A million little squares to fill in.  I like it so far but I still have to fix that baby angel face.
We have another nice sunny day.  Maybe it really is spring.

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  1. Those two floral kits look beautiful. I'm intimidated by embroidery too and haven't touched the few kits I have. I thinks starting with the stems is a good idea! I'm still trying to master stem stitch.