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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Happy Light

My new light came last night.  DH put it together and dubbed it "the happy light"  that goes with "the happy chair".  It is fantastic.

It lights up half the neighborhood from inside my house.

It gives great light and it is dimmable too.  I have only tried it out for one evening. But at this point I'd say it is worth every penny.  I would have gotten another color but black was the only color in stock when I ordered it.  So being the impatient brat that I am, I got what I could.  It has a 70 watt bulb that looks like it is a fluorescent.  It is almost like getting stronger glasses as I can see the linen much better.  I'm just the luckiest girl.  A new happy chair and a new happy light.  What more could a girl ask for?


  1. There is noting like a great light! Who is the maker and where did you order it from?

  2. I'm pleased to hear your new light helps to see the linen - especially now you are stitching on 40 count so often.