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Friday, March 15, 2013


I am up to 9400 steps already today.  That is a record - for me.  I went shopping at the mall this morning so I got in a lot of steps even after exercise class.  But now it is noon and I haven't gotten anything done.

I worked on the shoe until I got bored.  I worked my way down to the bottom of the needleroll.  Then I discovered that I had not read the chart correctly and that each heart was one thread closer together than it should be.  Am I taking it out? No way Jose.

 Then what to work on?  I saw my BAP nearby and picked it up after not working on it for over a year.  I am almost done with the first page.  I was putting in a stitch here and there trying to finish the page off.  It is very hard to figure out where you are on the chart.  It takes a lot of time to fill in single stitches here and there but I did make some progress.  Can you tell that it is a lily?

I have to wrap up the Easter things for Claire and get the box ready to send.  What a joy to get to do that.

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