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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I finished the Rhapsody in Blue bag.  I am tickled that I actually made it.

I had to remake the cording - again - two more times.  I figured out a way to do the bottom of the bag that I felt comfortable with.  I stabilized the gathers by stitching them down before sewing on the bottom pieces.

 The stiffness of the silk makes the bag hold it's shape.  I think it is darling.  I can't wait to get the instructions for the accessories next Monday.

I have a shoe dilemma.  I started stitching the outline of the shoe and realized how big it is.  I don't like it.  Should I keep stitching it?   Should I stitch it over one to make it half as large?  Should I just forget it?  I can't decide.  I have a chart I bought on Ebay that is a shoe that has flowers on it.  I could stitch that instead.

I guess I'll go back to the things I was working on before Rhapsody in Blue. The Merry Cox Box still has a little over 3 flowers to go.
We are getting more lake effect snow.  ARGH.

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  1. Looks good Amy. I'm looking forward to working on my finishing this weekend!