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Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm wondering if I can finish the pre-stitching today for the Spring Fling Friday night project.  I think I can.  I am over half done.  I have to decide on the nun's stitch around the edge.  Should I do it according to the directions?  Or should I vary it?  Don't have to decide yet.  Where's that crow's legs?  You can't see them very well, maybe I should outline them.

I have been unhappy with my new Ott lite bulb.  It is just not as bright as the old one.  I got the right size, 18 watt.  I even find myself checking to see if it is on!  So with a little encouragement from DH, I ordered a different kind of lamp.  I read about it on Mary Corbett's Needle'n Thread blog.  I hope it all works out.  We'll see.

I go see Dylan today.  We finished reading the third Wimpy Kid book.  I'll ask him what he wants to read next.  I'd love to read him Harry Potter.  He had a crappy lunch last week and would have loved pizza.  I think I'll take him some today.

The number for today is 41.  It is our anniversary.  How clueless I was in 1972!  We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate.  I got flowers and a card too.  I'm lucky.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversay. I hope you had a romantic dinner :-)

  2. Wow. 41 years married. Very impressive. I had my wedding anniversary last weekend - 17 years and we did nothing to celebrate. My DH would have liked to do something but I was too out of kilter cause of work commitments. The best I could do was stitch along to DVDs like the Forsythe Saga. You're doing better than me! Flowers, card and a dinner.