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Saturday, March 16, 2013

One Side Done

I got one side done of the Shoe needleroll.  The other side will be pretty quick as there isn't much stitching.
Do you ever get to a point where you know you shouldn't be stitching because you will screw it up?  That's where I was last night.  I stitched the same strawberry twice and still didn't manage to put it in the right place.  I knew I couldn't be trusted to do anything but a straight line.  So that's when I started the backside of the Shoe needleroll.

I got three more flowers done on the Merry Cox Box.  Nine to go.

It seems everything I am stitching has mistakes in it.  They aren't noticeable but it makes me crazy.  Nobody is ever going to count my stitches and see that I am one off.  But I  like to have it perfect.  It just doesn't turn out that way often.
That's life, I guess.

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