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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trying Out Threads

I stitched the little flower motif from Rhapsody in Blue four times with different threads just to see what I liked.
On Mouse Droppings blog, I loved the little stitched pillow by the mouse and it looked to be stitched with a Valdani overdyed.  I went looking for the closest color I could find in the Valdani threads that I have.  I tried it out but it looks too light.  It doesn't show up as well as I wanted.  Maybe my linen needs to be darker.  The first one is on Sandstone 32 count, the second is on Edinburg 36 count (with the same thread).

Then I tried Sweet Peas from Thread Gatherer Silk'nColors.  Still kind of light.

Then I tried Florimell's Monet's Pond.  Getting there.

Then just for fun I tried Waterlilies' Porcelain Blue.  I love that blue color.

It is fun just to see what threads look like all stitched up.

I went back and took out the lightest color on the stems of the Vintage Strawberry since the teacher said mine were too fat. (story of my life)  I'm still not terribly happy with it.

Now I am working on the lower strawberry trying to get the angle on the stitches to look good and the colors not to look "banded" as the teacher pointed out.

I was tickled pink to find out that a Hobby Lobby is opening very close to my house.  I usually have to drive across town.  Yeah!
My goal today is to finish-finish that Painted Lady Sewing Case and be DONE!

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