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Saturday, March 9, 2013


I just finished Just Nan's Honey Bunny.  It was an easy quick stitch.  Although I made a big mistake.  I didn't realize that one side of the linen is splotchy and the other side plain.  I just started stitching on the plain side.  I think you are meant to use the splotchy side.  I don't care, I like how he turned out.  I am thinking of putting him in the Easter Basket that I have for Claire.  To me, he doesn't really look like a bunny.  He is flat and his nose is too high.  But he is cute.

I finished the first leaf of the Vintage Strawberry class.

Two more to go.  I think I like how it turned out.  If I was brave I would send a photo to the teacher to have it critiqued.  I have read some other posed critiques and kind of know what not to do.

 In the end, I just have to please myself.  Although I really do want to be better at stitching.

Pilates doesn't rack up a lot of steps on my FtiBitZip.  Rats.  I may have to dust off the step that I have and try using it for five to ten minutes at a time to see how I can get more steps in.  At this rate I won't break 1000 when the daily goal is 10,000.

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