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Saturday, March 23, 2013


I've been working on finishing a couple things.  The Merry Cox Box is now a small box.  I just have to do the lid.  What is holding me back?  I hate the font.  It looks like a pre-schooler wrote it.  I want a nice even pretty font.  Then I have to graph it out.  I am not crazy about "her work".  Just putting your name on it ought to be enough to say "I did this".

The Rose Trellis pin pad has been languishing in the laundry basket of shame for too long.  I decided to get on with it already.  I just have to stitch the bottom on and it is done.

I walked for a while after Pilates today.  That is remarkable in itself for a basically lazy person to go out of her way to do something.  I wanted to get in some more steps. I'm only up to 3078 but that is better than nothing.  I'd like to double that number.  We'll see.

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