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Friday, March 8, 2013


Just when I finish something, another thing shows up. It happens every time.   I got my order from The Silver Needle yesterday.  I signed up for the automatic of Just Nan's little ornaments with fabric.  I got the bunny one.  It will be so fun to start.  I love that I have the called for linen.
I also got another Just Nan because I love it.  It's a birth announcement.

I decided to try and catch up on the Vintage Strawberry class.  So I worked on the second strawberry and started the leaves.  I haven't looked to see what today's lesson it.  I am happy with the leaf I have that is half done.

I got a FitBitZip.  It is like a fancy pedometer.

 I wanted to know how close I come to getting in 10,000 steps a day.  So this morning's exercise class got me up to 6884 steps.  That's pretty good.  But I need to do much more to get to 10,000.  Especially since I went to the bakery and got a donut.  I know, I'm bad.

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