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Monday, April 1, 2013


I am very excited!  Being excited makes me clean faster.  So the bathrooms are done.  Yeah!  I am excited because I just read that the caskets will go on sale tomorrow.  I have been waiting for the caskets to be available for a year.  The Cabinet of Curiositites is now at lesson 12 (put up today).  Hurrah!  I'm a little afraid of the price but we'll see what it turns out to be.  I've been saving up.

I finished stitching the little shoe.  I love it.

Now I am figuring out how to turn it into a shoe shape.  I interfaced it.  Then I cheated and sewed the top seam of the linen and lining on the sewing machine.  I turned it right side out and tucked in the edge and hand sewed that down.

Now to fabricate a sole to the shoe.

I laid the shoe on a piece of skirtex and drew and outline.  I messed with the outline just a bit to make it more shoe-like and less of an oval.  I backed the skirtex with Warm'n Natural batting and I have one side covered with some silk dupioni that I had lying around.  Once I make the other side to the sole and sew them together, I can sew it to the top of the shoe.

  Then what?  Well I could make it into a pin cushion by making a little stuffed roll to stick inside the shoe.  But I haven't decided if I want to do that yet.  I want to put on some twisted cording and tie a ribbon at the back of the shoe.

I have to go shopping.  I need a new suitcase to take to Spring Fling on Friday.  Shopping helps me get in lots of steps too.  We got to see Claire open her Easter Basket yesterday.  What fun!  The hat that I made fits!

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  1. This is going to be so adorable!
    Hope your Easter was a happy one!