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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Much Much More

I worked on the smaller mermaid yesterday and I am almost done.  I least I thought I was almost done.  I am working through all the steps in Lesson 3A.  But Lesson 3 has four parts.  I printed out the rest of the parts and looked at what is to come.  Whoa!  I'm going to be doing stuff I have never done before. (mica! purl!) I'm going to have to just take it a step at a time as this looks scary.  Can I do this?  With Amy Mitten's great directions, I think I can.  I may have to practice just a bit before attempting these things for real.
Next up is the backstitching on the mermaids and the fish with sparkly thread.  Of course I can do backstitching.  I really like their backstitched hair.  There is much more to do on these pockets.

I needed a break yesterday and I picked up a small Mary Beale design that I started at Spring Fling.  It seems huge compared to working tent stitch over one on 32 count.  It is a fun design.

Then I stitched (and restitched) a couple of words on the Spring Fling sampler.  I figure if I do a couple of words or one length of thread a day I can make some progress.

It is supposed to rain like crazy today.  It's a good day to stitch.  Of course around here, everyday is a good day to stitch!

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