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Monday, April 22, 2013

Kindred Spirits

I love going to classes.  I hate driving.  But I did very well yesterday.  I got up early (in case I got lost) and set out for the class.  There was just no traffic.  (Loved it).  I also had a new friend, the GPS unit that son#2 gave us when he got a new one (or has one on his phone or something).  She and I became good friends.  She helped me get to class without one wrong turn.  I was the first one there!

Here is the empty classroom.  It was freezing yesterday and the heat wasn't working in this room so after a bit we moved to the other side of the building which was much warmer.

I love getting a kit with all the bells and whistles in it.  I have taken classes from Barbara Jackson before and I know she always bastes.  I was ready for it.  As you know, in my humble opinion, basting is a waste of time and energy.  But whatever.  I basted.  I learned something too.  Barbara had a handout of where to start.  I have been told many times that you start by a vertical thread.  But no one ever told me which one.  Now I have a better understanding of where to start.

Also in our kit was a brand new pair of nice Bohin scissors.  These are my favorite kind if you don't count my fancy schmancy ones.

I love how this guild provides lunch from Panera and a little gift for everybody.

Barbara is very laid back and easy going.  We made sure to start the bargello heart.  That was fun even though I had to fix my mistakes several times.  But once you get the first row in, it is easy to just follow the pattern of colors.  I met a couple of new people and saw a couple of old friends.

I left early to get back home while it was still light and hoping that the traffic was light as well.  I made it back fine.  I missed talking to Claire but we'll catch up next week.

I'm off to see Dylan.  Smoothies today and five rows on the coaster he is making his mom for Mother's Day.

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  1. So pleased to hear that you had a safe drive and enjoyed your class. The Bargello heart looks lovely