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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Finish

I am so happy to have finished the Spring Fling project.  It would look better ironed.  I got on a roll and didn't quit until I finished it.  I am not sure how this will be finish- finished as I don't really want to frame it.  We'll see.....

I am making good progress on Sweet Heart of Mine.  I really like it.  I even think I want to do two other Barbara Jackson pockets from old magazines.  Just the verse and a couple of vines left to stitch.  I know that the pin book and scissors fob will be quick and easy.  It would be great to finish stitching on the main piece today.

I am slowly working on the Erica Micheal's scissors fob.  I think it is sweet.

While looking through an old magazine I found a project that I want to do.  It is a small impressionist style painting in cross stitch.

 Many of the flosses are blended so it has to be done on a linen that can take three plies of floss without looking crappy.   So 25 or 28 count linen.  I have some 28 count I think I will try.  There are about 50 colors of floss.  I'll have to sit on the floor and sort out and see how many I can find in my big bin of floss.

Dylan's birthday went fine.  I was so afraid he would be disappointed with the books but everything went well.  We made the icing and he iced the cupcakes.  We only have two more times to meet and the year of mentoring will be over.
There is no new lesson for Mermaid Treasures yet so I am happily working on other stuff.


  1. I love your finish! How is stitching on the silk guaze....wondering, wondering about that myself :)
    Your pockets are looking fabulous!

  2. I think that your Spring Fling project looks very nice. After all that work, you probably should frame it or make a bell-pull out of it. -BFF