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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time Sink

I visit the Mary Corbet blog, Needle'n Thread, everyday.  Today she talked about Pinterest.  So I went over to pinterest and spent an hour getting inspired.  Wow, if you're ever out of ideas, that is the place to go.  It is fantastic to see all the embroidery.  I had to pull myself away.

Progress yesterday:
I am still working my way down the Mary Beale Album cover.  I'm almost done.  I could finish the stitching today.

I made the roll pincushion that goes on the shoe accessories project.  I found some wool that goes well for the needle squares (rectangles actually).  I discovered that I put my initials in the wrong place.  The line showing where to sew on the roll is where I put them.  DUH.  The initials were supposed to be in the oval at the top.  Whatever.

I made the twisted cording for the cute little shoe and sewed it on.  I think it is done.

If I were doing this again I would change the shape of the sole to be a bit smaller so the tip of the shoe would curve more.  I am wondering about making a pair of embroidered felt shoes for Claire.  Is that too hokey?
I got a new suitcase.  Now I need to pack and iron.  I'm only going for three days so no big deal.  I am excited to see everybody and to stitch, stitch, stitch.


  1. Amy, check out for cute quilted baby shoes -- that would easily translate to felt. Congrats on ordering your casket. Are you going to stitch the design while you wait for it? Have you started? I am anxiously awaiting the start of the Encore class on May 1.

  2. The shoe is so very very cute. You have done well

  3. Wonderful finishing, Amy.
    I spent sooooo much time on browsing Pinterest . It's a real mine of ideas.

  4. I love how you made the needle felt rectangles out of 3 different shades of red -- very clever! As always, your stitching is gorgeous. I don't think it is hokey to make shoes for your baby girl. Maybe you will make shoes for you!
    See you tomorrow morning in Minneapolis -Kath