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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mixed Bag

I stitched on Sweet Heart of Mine because I wanted to get the heart done and see how it turned out.  Ta-Dah!

Now I want to finish the front  entirely.

I should go back to my mermaid.  I finished the backstitching on the fish.  The next step is scary.  Putting on the pearl purl (?) on the mermaid's waist.  It's probably not that big a deal but I haven't worked with this stuff before.  There are special instructions on setting up a box to cut it in, cutting it and attaching it.  I just need to work through each step.

While I was at the class Sunday, people were talking about a class with the Western Reserve Sampler Guild.  It's a class that I really want to take and I was hoping it would be taught at Celebrations.  When I found it wasn't being taught there, I decided not to go to Celebrations this year.  So I found out some more information and sent off the registration yesterday.  I have no idea how I'm going to get to the class.  It's about 5 hours away if I drive.  I checked flights.  I could fly there and rent a car.  I don't have to worry about it right now as the class isn't until late August.  Wouldn't it be nice to ride with someone?  That's it, I need a chauffeur and a stretch limo.

I had a good meeting with Dylan yesterday.  He got 5 rows done on the coaster.  We have two more weeks to get it done.  We are celebrating his birthday next week.  I got him a couple of books (Kids' Silliest Jokes, Weird But True).  I thought he would enjoy reading them and they aren't too hard.  I think I'll take cupcakes and we'll make the icing for them.

Barnes & Noble has the prettiest bag.  Several people had them at class.  They aren't very expensive either. So, yes, I had to get one too.


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