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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm an Idiot, Chapter 12

I was busily working away on the Mermaid Treasures backstitch when I realized I'm an idiot.  Any casual observer of the chart could easily notice that the two pockets are not the same size.  I didn't notice.  DUH.  I was ready to backstitch the fish when I saw that he wouldn't fit on my fabric where he was diagrammed on the chart.  So I had to take out part of the smaller pocket and restitch it.

Sometimes I concentrate on such a small part of the chart and just don't see the whole picture.  I fixed my mistake and moved on.

See that double stitched bottom of the fish.  I couldn't find where I got off so I just kept stitching until it matched up again.  Actually it is hard to stitch with a floss that is the same color as the linen.  Okay, so I have a lot of excuses for my errors.

Anyway, I finally got to the mermaid.  She actually is one thread shorter than she should be but, again, I can't figure out where I am off.  So we'll pretend she is fine.  Now I am stitching on the mermaid that is on the other pocket.

When I was shopping at the Mall of America, I thumbed through a cross stitch magazine that was in the Barnes & Noble store.

I saw a darling alphabet.  I immediately thought of doing Claire's name again but with this alphabet.

I didn't buy the magazine as it was expensive and I didn't have my gift card with me.  When I got home I went to our local Barnes & Noble to see if I could find it.  Their computer said they had 10 copies.  They did not.  We couldn't find even one.  So off the the internet to see what I could find.  It seems this magazine is from the UK and is sold out.  But you can find anything on Amazon.  I found the magazine and as luck would have it, I had an Amazon gift card from Christmas that I used to buy it.  Now that I have read the magazine, most of the designs are fairly simple but I still love this bird alphabet.


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  1. Your mermaid looks fantastic, even if she is one thread over. I really like the colours in her tail. :)