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Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Fling Sunday

Spring Fling Sunday is just a little sad.  We know it will all end in a couple of hours.  Everybody will go back to their real life.  We always take a group photo on Sunday.  Here we are all lined up on the stairs outside of our classroom:
I am amazed that so many of these face are familiar to me now.

Of course we are still stitching on Sunday too.  Then everybody is interested to hear who the teacher will be at next year's Spring Fling.  Deb is very good about keeping it secret until the announcement.  It is going to be Cynthia Zittel of Drawn Thread!  I would have liked to have  stood and clapped when I heard but I didn't want to hurt this year's teacher's feelings.  Yeah!  I really want to come again next year.  I have had a few classes with Cynthia and I like her designs.  I'll have a lot to bring to show and tell.  I know I will have to sign up early and that the class will fill up for sure.  Spring Fling usually has 50 spaces for people and may allow just a few extra.

Son#1 and girlfriend came out to have Brunch with me.  I was glad they could enjoy all the deliciousness.  Those Belgian waffles are fabulous.  I tried quinoa for the first time.  I had some time to visit with son#1 and girlfriend (who I like very much).

  Then to the airport for the trip home.  Only it was not to be.  It was the end of Spring vacation and there were no seats available.  Off to hotel for the night and I'll try again on Monday night.  But there is a complication.  My bag is on the plane and they can't find it and it goes home without me.  So no clothes, nothing but my carry on which only has electronics and stitching in it.  I am left with nothing, not even a comb.  Oh well.  I spend several hours Monday at the Mall of America.  Four hours is all I can take.  I got in 13000 steps though.  That's the most I've done so far.  Then I go off to the airport again hoping to get on a plane home.  Am I lucky? No.  I am two seconds from getting on the plane when the last guy allowed on shows up.  ARGH.  So off to another hotel.  I can't stand to wear my same clothes for day three so I figure out a way to wash them without walking to the laundry room stark naked.  I'm so glad I have a nice raincoat.  I am scheduled  for a plane that has 83 open seats so I know I can get home on Tuesday.  But - I have to get up at 3:30 a.m.  At this point I will do just about anything to get home.  I feel like that guy in the movie (Tom Hanks) who had to live in the airport for years.
I was ready to kiss the ground when I finally got back home.  What an adventure!
How sweet to get back to my regular life!

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