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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Mail

I am on automatic for the Just Nan small things from Silver Needle.  The latest one came in the mail on Monday.  It isn't one of my favorites (I really like the mice) but I love getting stuff in the mail and I need a small project every now and then.  I get the linen along with the pattern so I just have to look up some floss and I am all set to start.

Then I got another kit in the mail yesterday.  It was from Threadworks Primitives.  It is a Civil War Needlebook Kit.  This is a limited edition kit.  It will be fun to do and is another quick project.  I wonder if the designer dyed the floss herself.  I haven't worked on linen like this before.  It is called Prairie cloth.  It looks rough and I have no idea what count it is.  But it is a nice change from other stuff I am working on.

We got part of our lesson of Cabinet of Curiosities today.  It will be fun to try some wrapped cards for the Trinket box.  I really enjoyed the  thread cards in "A Gift by Hand Conferred".  This looks similar.  I'll have to sit down and see if I can follow the directions.

I finished the stitching on Sweet Heart of Mine pocket.  Now I need to finish it.  That would be a good goal for today, wouldn't it?


  1. Sweet Heart of Mine looks great. All the best for the construction/finishing today. Nice to get mail and new projects.