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Friday, May 3, 2013

Scissors Case

I was on a roll yesterday.  I worked on the scissors case from Sweet Heart of mine until I finished it.  I even stitched the front and the back (with the same design).

 I sewed the main piece together and sewed up the pocket.  I need to make some twisted cording for the closure.  I found some heart shaped thread rings to sew inside.

 I wasn't sure the paper (just plain old typing/computer paper) was going to be enough stiffness for the scissors case.  I was very surprised at how well it works.  Each side has two pieces of paper, one behind the linen and one behind the lining material.  It is just right.  I once made a scissors case with mat board and it is awful.  I should take it apart and try again.

I can't believe it is Friday already.  It is the most perfect day.  DH is mowing the lawn.  I want to finish the little needle book to Sweet Heart of Mine and then that whole project will be done.


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  1. I have a scissor case made with mat board too. Yep, it's awful. Can't get any scissors into it. I love this set. Pretty