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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thank You Mr. Mailman

I got Spring Jumble Kit by The Drawn Thread in the mail yesterday.   Every time I finish a project something new shows up.  So of course I had to start it.  I especially love Drawn Thread designs.  I don't know why, they just appeal to me.  I am really looking forward to Spring Fling next year as Cynthia is the scheduled teacher.

This design is so sweet.  I love the bird so I had to stitch that first.  I am missing one of the flosses in the kit.  Since I have made many Drawn Thread designs, I just went looking for leftover threads from other DT kits and found the Antique Blue Dark color of Needlepoint silk that I need.  Actually I found more than one card of leftover threads with the right color on it.

Thanks you Marsha and Marilyn for you kind words about Sweet Heart of Mine.  I dug out the awful scissors case that I made with mat board and took it apart. (I was comforted that someone else has made that mistake too!)  It really is unusable in its current state.  When I made it, I hot glued an edging around it trying to hide the seam.  So getting the remains of the hot glue off has been challenging.

I'll have to see if paper works okay for this too.  There is a piece of skirtex that I used in the old finishing that I am tempted to reuse.  (Mat board and skirtex, what was I thinking!?!?)

I put a few stitches in the Erica Micheal's scissors fob.  I had almost a whole rose in the wrong place so I had some frogging to do.  Now I am back on track.

I started the impressionist project.  It is weird working with three strands of floss and aiming for a "tweedy" look.  It doesn't look like much at the moment.  But that is the fun of cross stitch, seeing a design develop.

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  1. Great start on the DT Amy, that's going to be a pretty piece.
    The Erica Michael's scissor fob is gorgeous!
    You are a fast stitcher!