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Saturday, May 11, 2013


I finished the corn page in Claire's busy book.  DH didn't recognize what it was.  I guess it is stylized corn with a zipper.  The ear of corn is a little too close to the edge of the page but, again, Claire won't care.

Next is the bird in a nest page.

I started the water that is on the mirror of Mermaid Treasures.  I was off a bit at the beginning so I had some frogging to do.  But now I am adding the vintage metal threads.  I love how sparkly it is.  Cool.
I think I can finished this lesson today.
I'm not sure you can see the sparkle.  There are three different metal threads alternating through the gray water.  I really like how it looks.

I got some luscious strawberries in the mail today.   Happy Mother's Day to me!  I also got a gift card that I have half spent in my mind but I'm waiting to really spend it tomorrow.

The Farmer's Market opened today.  It hasn't been warm enough for a lot of stuff to have grown around here.  The first asparagus of the season is here.  The Fruit Market up the street is for sale and doesn't look to exist this year so it is really nice to have the Farmer's Market.

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