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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finishing Stuff

I worked just a bit on finishing.  I'm always torn.  Do I sew it by hand or use the sewing machine which is much more efficient?  I thought about it and then went the lazy way.  I sewed Sweet Heart of mine together on the sewing machine.  I turned it right side out and now I need to close the opening and sew up the sides.  There is a ribbon to close it with that needs to be sewn on too.  But I forgot to put on the eyes!  I need to but the birds and bunnies eyes on while I have access to the inside.

I made good progress on the Civil War Needlebook.  I finished the stitching and trimmed it up.  Then my dilemma again, hand sewing or machine?  Well, the machine won again.  It is awaiting it's opening being sewn closed and then the needlepage inserted.

I started the scissors case to Sweet Heart of Mine.  It will be interesting to sew together as you use paper as the stiffener inside.
I tried out my new scissors that cut mat board. I need some mat board pieces for thread wrapping in the Cabinet of Curiosities class.   They work very well.

I'm getting Mother's Day stuff together today.  I went to the mall and it wasn't open yet so I walked around and looked in the windows.  I saw a heart necklace that I liked.  I'll have to add it to my list. It's like one I had as a teenager.  Hey, I still like stuff I liked many decades ago.

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