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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Momma Bird

I finished the bird page in Claire's busy book.  The nest is a fuzzy material.  There is velcro on the edge of the nest so that when you pull it down eggs are revealed.

Next up is the butterfly with crinkly sounding wings.  It won't be too hard.  After the butterfly page there are only two pages left.  Yeah!

I finished the lesson in Mermaid Treasures.  What an interesting project.  I think the rocks come next.

I worked some on the impressionist painting project.  It is starting to take shape.  I was beginning to get lost so I put in some basting lines to guide me.  It is very interesting to see the effect of using three strands.  On one hand it looks kind of crude.  But on the other hand it is surprising to see what brown, orange and green plies of floss look like when they are stitched together.

In two weeks I have another project coming up, Amy Mitten's Needleworker's Pocketbook.  Nifty.  I am so lucky.

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