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Monday, May 13, 2013

Butterfly or Bee

I finished the butterfly/bee page in Claire's busy book.  It was pretty easy.  I took the easy way out and just drew on the eyes and mouth with permanent marker instead of embroidering them.  The wings make a sound when you bend them because they have paper in them.

Today I take on the next page which is a dog in a doghouse on a ribbon leash.  I have to go digging for appropriate fabrics again.  It really is amazing how many fabrics I have stuffed in the closet of my sewing room.

I worked on the impressionist painting project and it is starting to take shape.  I see a house and a tree.  There will be a lake and a boat too.  It is still weird to work with three strands and usually three different strands of floss.

I'm off to see Dylan  for the last time this school year.  So we will have pizza today and I'll get a larger one so we can share it with another kid and his mentor that will be in the room with us this week.

It is a beautiful day.

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  1. That little book is turning out so cute!