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Monday, May 27, 2013

One Strawberry

I finished the backstitching on the Strawberry Thief.  I went digging for floss colors.  The chart calls for Soie d'alger silk thread but I only had one of the colors it called for.  So I went looking for a conversion chart to DMC.  Just so I would have an idea of what color floss was supposed to be there.  The photo on the chart doesn't look like it used the colors listed.

So I went looking for William Morris's wallpaper in several books that I have for the real colors used in the original.  This all means I wasted a lot of time looking for stuff.  I still haven't decided what colors to use.  I'll take it a step at a time.  First, the strawberries.  The bird scares me the most so I'll probably do that last.  I like how the strawberry turned out.  The lightest strawberry color (although it looks fine in this photo, in real life it is a dull color) is the only Soie d'alger that is called for on the original chart.  I don't really like that color so I'll use a different one on the other strawberries.

I used to have a boy scout that would march in parades on Memorial Day and of course we would go watch him.  It is a bit rainy today and that boy scout is long grown.  DH will grill some turkey burgers for us tonight.

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