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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the Doghouse

I finished the dog page in Claire's busy book yesterday.  The doghouse isn't exactly straight now that I look at it.  Oh, well.

 Now I am working on the shoe page.  Yeah, it is the last page and then I can put the book together.  I hope the page go in easily.  Then I can clean up the mess I made getting out all the fabrics and notions to make it.  Junk is all over everywhere.

I stitched the sail of the boat on the impressionist's painting project.  Today I  want to stitch around the sail so it can be seen.  Making progress!


  1. What a cute dog and doghouse! It will be such a lovely book when it's completed.

  2. That book is turning out so cute!
    Love the doggie that can come out of the house.